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Words of Radiance is Finally Here!

I’m so happy. Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson is finally here! 

So I got it and am trying to reread The Way of Kings, which is the first book in the Stormlight Archives, of which Words of Radiance is the second..

I like to read late at night, hoping to finish a book before I sleep, which is an epic fail on all accounts if you’re reading The Way of Kings. Number one, it is over a thousand pages long so unless you read it through the Spritz App, you won’t get your sleep that day or even the days after. Number two, just the first two chapters gets your heartbeat rate up with it’s fight scenes, so goodbye to any hopes of nodding off to sleep. Number three, even after you finish the first book, you’ll be raring to go and finish the second book and the third, and so on.

Which is where I was six month ago. I read The Way of Kings not knowing it’s just book one of a ten book series. And book two didn’t even have a permanent release date then. I felt like when I was waiting for The Two Towers and The Return of the King movies (hello, the books have been here forever, so no waiting needed for that). I felt like Peter Jackson was playing with us like a cat plays with a mouse just before he devours it. Helpless. I resented Brandon Sanderson for daring to write a book that would leave us waiting and wanting for more. I resented him for leaving me hanging and not knowing what will happen next to Kaladin Stormblessed.

But now fans have been rewarded. Book two is here, yay! Okay, goodbye world for now and I’ll just pretend to be invisible until I finish Words of Radiance.


I’ve Been Called An Asshole

Wow. I posted my erotica short story over at literotica.com hoping to get some exposure. I didn’t want it to be some run-of-the-mill story about just fucking this and fucking that, so I cooked up a story about a housewife having sex with a neighbor. She couldn’t get any satisfaction from the husband, but it didn’t mean she hated her husband or that her husband was an out and out villain. Granted, I didn’t post the back story of them losing a baby three years earlier, thinking that literotica viewers were more interested in action, if you know what I mean. I posted the back story over at fanfiction.net, disguised as a twilight fanfic. 


There were some anonymous feedback directed to my e-mail encouraging me to continue with the story and some saying they really liked it. Unfortunately, the negative ones are posted on the chapters themselves. It’s okay to say the story sucked if you didn’t like it, but there’s a really thin line between criticism and personal attack.


This is just a fantasy that I’ve put into paper, it does not represent me as a person. It does not represent my beliefs nor my character. And remember, dear readers, it’s not an attack on you.


That’s all, folks. Thank you. Bow.

Job Application Rejection

I applied as an online English tutor for Japanese nationals. I was really hoping to get it since it would mean working from home, having the freedom to choose my working hours (to work or not to work), not needing to dress up, put on make up, and best of all, I can write my novel.

Know what? I got rejected! I had the correct grammar, the neutral accent, but I didn’t use the chat box on skype to explain things. That’s it. What? Really? As in that’s something that I couldn’t work on in, like, instantly? 


I was so upset I took a walk. And invited my brother over to have a drink. So now I’m in the kitchen seeing eggshells and apparently, we cooked eggs. I also saw glass shards and it looks like I broke our shot glass. Or my brother did. I need to get checked for alcoholism, I think, LOL. 


Maybe the Supreme Being is telling me something.