Suspension of Disbelief

I was scrolling through the Goodreads’ List of All Time Dominant-Alpha Romance Heroes and looking for TBR books, this is after I have had a surfeit of the All Time Best Scifi Novels. My mistake was to scroll down and read some of the one-star reviews. 


I am a reader who likes to suspend disbelief. Yep, I swallow it hook, line, and sinker. That’s not to say that my neurons don’t kick in and bonk me on the head with the sheer ridiculousness of some books, but I generally like books, even crappy ones (yes, that’s you, Twilight). I grew up reading Mills and Boon, after all. 


I tend to read and feel and not think about plausibility, I just tend to go with the butterflies in my stomach that tell me that this book that I’m reading right now is ENGAGING. I’m just grateful that for a few hours, I got lost in a book so much that if my life sucked at that moment, that meant I was happy whilst reading. I realize afterwards, of course, that the plot or the characters or whatever was a piece of crap or hollow or formulaic, but it’s fine, I enjoyed reading it. It will not change the world, but it gave me joy.


Now, going back to the reviews, it ruined the book/s for me even if I haven’t read it yet. I would tend to think back to what the reviewers pointed out as flaws when reading that it basically would be self-defeating to read it. I would not be lost inside that book anymore. And that’s a damn shame.


2 thoughts on “Suspension of Disbelief

  1. If it’s engaging then it’s doing its job of suspending disbelief. As long as we care about the characters and their journey we will follow them into the most craziest of places and situations.

    Also, I always head for the middle of the road reviews before anything else. Those that mark something as a 3 star are usually more neutral to the book.. and give more reliable pros and cons. (that’s not to say the 1 stars or 5 stars aren’t reliable, but they are swinging from extremes)

    Cool post! ^.^

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