I’ve Been Called an Asshole part 2

Thank you guys for the nice words. I was certainly affected for the first two days and didn’t write anything (plus I’ve been sick). I haven’t been cursed to my face because people who know me in person knows I’ll get back at them. It’s certainly different in the online community since a lot of people hide behind “anonymous” and don’t need to back up their talk. Well, I’ve just come from a writer’s workshop and talked to a lot of people and it’s been therapeutic. I’ve been holed up too long in my cave not talking to anyone and perhaps this is why it affected and angered me. Now, I just laugh at the asinine comments and take the constructive criticism so I can write better next time.


This was just my very first effort in writing erotica and my mistake perhaps was taking on a very controversial topic : infidelity. I took the romantic view of it and a lot of hate mail resulted(snark attack: perhaps from husbands who’ve been cuckolded or who haven’t pleased their women, that’s why they were affected). I classified it under the genre where extra-marital sex was expected. If people read incestous stories there and accept it, why does infidelity get such scorn? 


I didn’t intend to write about it anymore, but I wanted to acknowledge the supportive feedback as well as the comments on the first post. Thank you guys, again. Appreciate it.


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