Animal Stories Make Us Cry

I remember reading an essay by David Sedaris of one of his sisters not caring if she saw a movie or a news clip of somebody dying, but show her a video of a dog dying and she’ll bawl her eyes out.


The essay came to mind as I was crying over the story of a boy and his dog (see the two previous posts). I shed more tears about this than I cried over the other horrendous stories I saw over the past few days. There was this thirteen year old kid Rebecca who was trapped for six days inside their house with the dead bodies of the rest of her family. She was rescued, wounded and traumatized, mute from the shock she suffered. Tears fell, but with the dog story, even my throat got clogged.


I’m not alone though. I read on google news that studies show that people react more to animal sob stories than they do people’s.


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