My friends and I went hiking up a mountain one day. This mountain was a dormant volcano that now had a muddy crater lake. We camped near the lake and of course, had drinks around a storm lamp (a bonfire is not eco-friendly). One of my friends decided to guess what zodiac sign each and every one of us was born under. 


Guess what? She guessed correctly with everybody except for me.She thought I was an Aries, whereas I’m under the sign of Virgo. She said that rarely do those born under the sign of Virgo go into mountaineering, as they fall under the earth signs. She said that my ascendant was more powerful in my case than my star sign. 


All I heard was blah, blah, blah as I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Ascendant what? Earth what? But I was intrigued as hell. This was better than science fiction as she truly believed what she was saying. And she had me convinced. After all, there are more mysteries on earth than science could explain.


She introduced me to Linda Goodman and her Star Signs. She also recommended the Numerology chapter. I promptly bought the book as soon as I could and read it, I didn’t believe a lot of the tosh the author was talking about but the numerology part was very good.


Unfortunately, I don’t see the book as available on Kindle, but, thanks to Google, we don’t need to learn her numerology as somebody had already made a website available to do the computing for us.


You can take a look at your own numbers here:


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