Creative Writing

I’m in this writing workshop being given by a famous author. I got included because I won a short story writing contest and I also submitted a book proposal, which was a requirement to be admitted. Of course, as this is “serious writing,” I can’t very well submit the erotica novel that I’m currently working on. I have a different type of book that I need to complete.



First time book writer – check.

No professional writing experience – check.

Writing in a language that’s not your mother tongue – check.


Whatever possessed me to go through with this?


Anyway, this Saturday the famous author will hold a writer’s orientation for the workshop attendees and we’re supposed to submit in hard copy whatever we’ve managed to finish of our proposed book. Wait. What?! I thought we were having the workshop to help us and guide us along the way as we navigate through the intricacies of plot, character, and the rest?


Okay. Erotica book, goodbye for now. I’ll get back to you next week.


Now, hand me some scotch.






2 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. Why can’t you submit the erotica?

    1. We’re still experiencing a notable boom in that genre right now.

    2. Any writing is serious writing if you’re passionate about it.

    If it’s what you want to write then that is what you should put forward.


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