Job Application Rejection

I applied as an online English tutor for Japanese nationals. I was really hoping to get it since it would mean working from home, having the freedom to choose my working hours (to work or not to work), not needing to dress up, put on make up, and best of all, I can write my novel.

Know what? I got rejected! I had the correct grammar, the neutral accent, but I didn’t use the chat box on skype to explain things. That’s it. What? Really? As in that’s something that I couldn’t work on in, like, instantly? 


I was so upset I took a walk. And invited my brother over to have a drink. So now I’m in the kitchen seeing eggshells and apparently, we cooked eggs. I also saw glass shards and it looks like I broke our shot glass. Or my brother did. I need to get checked for alcoholism, I think, LOL. 


Maybe the Supreme Being is telling me something.




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