Writer’s Block and the Social Media

I am supposed to write a novel. I have set myself some goals, like writing a certain amount of words per day. I also made it a point to be in front of my laptop at a certain time of day so that I establish some kind of routine. 




Once I’m in front of my laptop, I first take a look at my e-mails, then my facebook, then twitter, then check on Rafael Nadal’s health (both mental and physical – I have invested myself in his well-being), then catch up on my viber messages, then the days’ news, then the opinion pages, then my favorite blogger, and by the time I get into staring at a blank page, a whole three hours have gone by. Yeah, pretty productive.


I’m new to this writing novels stuff, so sometimes, a whole five minutes will go by with my thoughts just going round and round. This is when I take out the big guns. I play Plants Vs. Zombies. Ugh, way to go, Lily. 


I thought I could produce at least three thousand words per day, but with the rate I’m going, one thousand words is pretty much my average. So lame. 


So, I vow to produce what I originally set out to do, which is three thousand words, and I’m putting it on paper so that I can bash my head if ever I fail.


Okay, so, let me just do one level of Pyramid Of Doom from Plants Vs. Zombies 2, It’s About Time.





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